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Name Ayo: A Rain Tale
Publisher jarkell
Format File
Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 1991 votes )
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New York, 2011. A quirky artist with a gift for creating quick and humorous comics invites you to join him on a journey through the digital world.
Are you ready to explore the future?
* Several imaginative themes (Battle, Robot, Science, Singing, Creative and so on)
* Each theme has 10 random comics created with over 100 different objects, from blood-soaked battle scenes to cute kitties in zoos.
* Each Bitku is a unique piece of artwork that you can customize as much or little as you want!
* Cursor to indicate what the artist’s character is doing when not on the panel.
* Artwork and dialogues in English.
* If you are having trouble, there are two buttons in the corner that can help you.
1) A selected background, with a minimum of 3 objects. You may only choose one background and one object for a Bitku.
2) Type any dialogues or punchlines using the in-game handwriting input.
3) After recording is completed, simply press the save button, and the completed Bitku will be saved as a PNG.
4) If you like the Bitku you created, you may share it with the world through your Twitter or Facebook account.
1) Create a Bitku with the first theme to get the 10 comics.
2) Create a Bitku with the second theme to get 10 new comics.
3) Recolorize the Bitku to be something else.
4) Create Bitku with the third theme.
5) And on and on…
6) You can share the Bitku you created with the world through your Twitter or Facebook account.
We hosted the game on Bitbucket ( the perfect fit for Bitku. The game is featured on the Bitbucket homepage (
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide support, but if you would like to send us a request, please email us at bitku@bitbucket.org.
– What’s new:
– 1.1.1: The game can now restart after a save.
– 1.1.0: The game now supports dark mode.
– 1.0.1:


Ayo: A Rain Tale Features Key:

  • Enter the world of the Exorcist in VR
  • Dive into the darkness
  • Allow both the horror and the drama
  • VR Specification

    • HTC VIVE
    • System compatibiliy: Windows 10

    Other Requirements

    • Lastest Version of DirectX (Version 9.3)
    • High-end – Hardware requirements
    • Minimum – Minimum system requirements

    Legal Notice:

    All games etc. are property of their respective owners. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Publisher do not represent the roles played by the company in the games etc.